How Can Alternative Sources of Energy Be Harnessed Effectively?

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How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively? Recently, it’s easy to find that various problems have arisen in using alternative sources of energy. The alternative sources of energy are a kind of energy that can be used instead of fossil fuels. The reserves of fossil fuel have decreased and the price of fossil fuel is increasing rapidly. In this situation, it has been a mainstream to use alternative sources of energy. It will be discussed how government, businesses and individuals could deal with the low efficiency of using alternative sources of energy in this essay. Firstly, government intervention is the most important and useful method in solving the problem, it can make policies in using alternative sources of energy, such as tax and financial expenditure. For instance, according to the text ‘Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use’, Kristianstad attempted to use biomass energy instead of fossil fuel, the start-up cost was up to $144 million. (Rosenthal, E, 2010) In such a situation, the government became a driving force to develop this project. However, it also brought considerable amount of benefits. Kristianstad now spends 3.8 million dollar using the biomass heating system, compared with the situation that rely on oil and electricity. (Rosenthal, E, 2010) Another example mentioned in the passage is that European Union taxed for the overuse of fossil fuel, which resulted in the increasing reliance on renewable energy of European countries.(Rosenthal, E, 2010) These examples indicated the importance of government intervention. With the fiscal measures, the government could easily influent the development of the alternative sources of energy and drive it to the right track. However, this requires right decision based on long-term research and evaluation. Secondly, the influences of business and individuals also play a role
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