Rhetorical Analysis Of Ford F-150

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The automobile industry uses advertisements and different persuasive techniques to sell their vehicle. This advertisement I chose by Ford targets the viewer’s conscience and subconscious mind and at the same time makes, the person want to buy one of their vehicles, the 2011 Ford F-150. This ad also has some rhetorical elements. When discussing the rhetorical triangle of the ad, the subject is the Ford F-150 – “The New 2011 F-150”. The speaker is the artwork and the words on the advertisement. Persons looking for a full size truck with better fuel economy, someone who wants to help the environment, and persons, who are looking to save money, by spending less on gas, are the audience of this ad. This ad appeals to ethos. Ford has been making cars for years and is a trademarked and trustworthy company, giving the customer a peace of mind. Adding to their credibility is the motto found on the ad, “Built Ford Tough”, which automatically shows that Fords products are reliable and strong vehicles, so if you ever purchase a vehicle from Ford, you would expect it to be those things. Even though a man is not seen in the ad, because it is a Ford vehicle, automatically the masculinity of the truck would be implied. Saying “this is the…show more content…
Also it shows that buying a Ford would be patriotic; you’re a proud all-American. The truck is red, and the Ford sign is blue and white – the colors of the American flag. Some people care strongly for the environment, so they would feel as though they’re helping the environment by buying a Ford fuel efficient truck. One would also feel strength because of the bold masculine font and the fact that the large truck is occupying more than 50% illustrates strength. The power to drive through any weather shows that the truck is strong and at its best, which is how the customer would be as

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