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Jennifer Helm Mr. Jackson English 102 3 Feb 2013 Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Government funded assistance programs have become an epidemic in many states and needs to be dealt with. The question at hand is how do we deal with it and what methods are necessary to correct it? Mandatory drug testing should be put in place to stop the misuse and fraud of our welfare system and the career welfare cases. The welfare system today is made to assist families who have fallen on hard times. This system consists of food stamps, AFDC, WIC, and Social Security. Food stamps are in the form of a card, much like a credit card that enables the recipient to go to a local grocery store to purchase food for their family. AFDC, or Aid…show more content…
For instance, it only makes sense that welfare recipients should have to take a drug test in order to qualify for benefits. People say that this is unfair by singling out the poor people, or that it invades their privacy. This simply isn’t true. Some companies have people submit to a drug test even before they go through the interview process when applying for a job. This is because the companies have realized the benefits that can come from a drug-free workplace. Drug use can cause and have many negative effects in the workplace. Some of these things would be missed work, undependability, low productivity, and even violence in some cases. So, if they want to have a positive productive running company, a drug-free workplace must be…show more content…
People may feel like it would do more harm than good. The fact is, however, that the drug users themselves are to blame for taking these benefits away from the family members that truly need it. If we were to look at this from another view it might make more sense. In the workplace, for instance, if you fail a drug test, there is a simple solution……no job. It would make sense to do the same for public assistance. Failed drug test….no benefits. There is even mandatory drug testing in sports teams, and even in educational programs. It is not just even one simple drug test; it is continuous so it is made sure that people are following the rules. There should be no problem proving that families are legitimately in need of assistance. I find that the only reason there would be a problem for people is that if they have something to

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