Robespierre Justification

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I found it very interesting that many companies claim their products to be environmentally friendly just to appeal to the public while they do absolutely nothing good for the health of our environment. In the past few years we have probably all noticed the extreme influx of eco-friendly businesses and products. From hybrid cars becoming popular to whole grain and whole wheat being all the rage, how do we know what is actually good for us as individuals and what to believe from large companies and corporations? It is important for us as humans to take care of the planet we live on and it shows that more people are starting to take notice. I hold the belief that even one person may not make a significant difference all by themselves, they may…show more content…
He said that if people acted on virtue then there would be no need for reign by terror but I think that because everyone has different virtues there would still be a fair amount of conflict. And as for terror being justice, I am not so sure. By terrorizing one person others will be affected, and they may or may not deserve to be put through that stress. If the troublesome child of a good family is killed for his negative actions, the family is going to suffer due to their loss. Maybe there is a better way to punish those accused of wrong doings. On the other hand, when he expresses the valuable use of terror pertaining to a country's most urgent needs, it makes more sense. I am a strong believer in doing things for the good of the majority. People who indulge in activities that only benefit themselves and possibly harm others should be dealt with. And with the context of his writings being much different than the lifestyle I am accustomed to, I begin to understand his principles. The French Revolution must have been full of situations in which the use of terror could be very beneficial. It seems to me though that a tyrant ruler could easily misuse terror to benefit himself and thats when my stance changes

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