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Energy Planning Proposal Carlos Santos SCI/362 December 9, 2014 Dr. Roger King Energy Planning Proposal Energy has become an essential element in the modern world. After water is the most demand part in our lives. Energy is necessary to perform everyday activities from the light to the electronics that we used at work and home. This energy could be obtained in different ways but is essential that we used environmental friendly energy. Why environmental friendly energy? Is very simple we need to protect our planet, and the best way is to use energy that cost less money and is environmental friendly. While evaluating the pros and cons of the different alternatives of energy, our city will be nothing but only…show more content…
These different sources of energy provide an alternate cleaner source of energy. These energy sources are harmless to the earth, helping to negate the effects of certain forms of pollution. My first choice of energy wind power is the conversion of wind energy by wind turbines into a useful form, such as electricity or mechanical energy. Secondly is hydroelectric power electricity generated by hydropower. Hydroelectricity is the production of power through use of the gravitational force of falling water or flowing water. Lastly solar energy is using the suns energy to produce electricity. Solar energy is one the fastest growing energy sources and new technologies are developing at a rapid pace. The main thing about all this there sources of energy is that they are environmental friendly, and their maintenance is low cost if compared with other sources of energy. Why using wind power, solar energy, and hydroelectricity? The reason to use wind power, solar energy and hydroelectricity is been an environmental friendly city. The city energy sources will be the role model for its citizens to become more environmental friendly. This town will be an energy model, and hopefully other cities around the United States and world will follow it. Initial Budget Expending…show more content…
Energy needed to power metropolitan area: 3,000 Megawatts. |Energy Source |Initial Cost to Setup Energy |Monthly Cost |Energy Output Limit | | |Production | | | |Wind Power |$3 billion |$500,000 |1,000 Megawatts | |Hydroelectric |$350 million |$500,000 |1,000 Megawatts | |Solar Power |$3.5 billion |$300,000 |1,000 Megawatts | Initial first-year budget savings: $3 billion and 150,000,000 million. Budget for every following year savings: $998,700,000

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