Sustainable Construction Essay

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Sustainable Construction As the population grows civilization must find ways to expand without depleting resources allowing later generations to live comfortably. Green building is an idea evolving from this need. One concept of green building is sustainable construction. This is an on the rise eco-friendly method of construction intended to reduce negative impact on our environment throughout the building process and a structures life cycle. Obtaining sustainable developments calls for strict coordination from the architects, engineers, and owners. The process begins with locating a site best fit for the project. During construction there will be change to the surrounding ecosystem there beforehand. Good planning can play down effects of developing land. Designers utilize natural resources to minimize damage to environment. The sun and wind can be energy sources in a building. Specialist in heating and air, water, and electric install systems to reduce energy use. With a little more time and planning sustainable construction can help ensure the population develops responsibly bettering the environment for the future population. Site selection becomes important because it is the first step in the sustainable construction process. “Green building standards would take in consideration that the buildings, roads, or parking areas on portions of sites must not be built on: prime farmland, previously undeveloped land whose elevation is lower than five feet above the elevation of the one hundred year flood, land that is specifically identified as habitat for any species on federal or state threatened or endangered lists, within one hundred feet of any wetlands, according to state or local regulations if they require greater setback distances from wetlands, previously undeveloped land within fifty feet of a body of water (seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and tributaries
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