Unit 4 Science and Materials Materials and Performance

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Unit 4 science and materialsHuman comfort and forces | | David Seal | March 28th, 2015 | Completed by: David Seal. Issued 26/02/2015 Hand in date16/04/2015 Contents. 1) Introduction. 2) P6 Identify the main performance criteria relating to a range of construction materials. 3) P7 Describe the manufacturing processes. 4) P8 Describe important properties and features of construction materials. 5) P9 Explain how construction materials can deteriorate. 6) P10 Explain preventative and remedial techniques. 7) M3 Make and support valid decisions relating to the specification of materials for a Tutor – provided application. 8) D2 Research and evaluate remedial techniques. 10) Conclusion. …. Introduction. I am currently employed in an established architectural private practice as s trainee architectural technician, I am currently working on a variety of commercial and domestic projects. My practice has recently been awarded a contract to design a new sustainable visitor centre in a well known National park. I will be working alongside an experienced and Qualified RIBA Architect called John Murphy and I will be inputting a considerable amount of information into the project. Since the building is expected to have a considerable sustainable emphasis it is important to ensure any new technology that my company uses in the construction of the visitor centers fabric and structure contributes positively towards the internal environment. As a result I have initially been requested to conduct an investigation into several points such as describe the materials and performance that contribute to structure and fabric positively to the overall performance of the building. Also as the building is to have a considerable sustainable emphasis it is important that any new technology used is tried and tested and is positive.

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