Service Request Sr-Rm-022 Part 2 Analysis

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2 BSA/375 09-01-2014 Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2 Riordan Manufacturing would like to incorporate their existing HR tools into an in-house based application that can be implemented throughout the organizations locations. The purpose of the service request is to define the system architecture, process design and security controls that will be incorporated into the final application. When considering the architecture types, there are three basic designs. Server based, client based and client-server based architectures. Not only is the architecture types important, it is also noteworthy to mention the application server and how it will be incorporated into the system. The application server is designed…show more content…
When using an N-Tiered design, it is best described as being a layered system design. “The pieces that the user sees and interacts with can be called the user interface (UI) or presentation layer. The code that determines which records are valid and how data should be organized can be called the business layer ("business" because this code usually implements what are called "business rules", such as not allowing a new invoice if the customer is over his credit limit). The code that reads from and writes to the data store can be called the data layer.” (N-Tier Application Design, 2014). There must be defined workflows, equipment needs and implementation requirements to define the processes that are required to design and implement the new HR system. This can be defined as the process design and can include tools such as, process simulation software, scale models and flow charting. With Riordan, the system can be designed using three components. The client server, the applications server and the database…show more content…
Design the new system to run internally within in the organization in a locked room that grants access only to those who need to enter, such as the IT team, is another good measure to follow. There are also a plethora of software applications that provide security and reduces the risk of a data breach. There are many factors to consider with the implementation of Riordan’s new HR system. It is our intent to provide the information needed to move forward the implementation of the new HR system and to give the highest assurance that it will perform as it was originally designed to and will protect any and all data that will be contained within

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