Greening Th Excelsior

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| | |GREENING THE EXCELSIOR | | | | | February 12, 2013 CAHM 130 Professor Pitts | | We have all learned from our Hospitality 110 class that tourism is one the largest growing industries. So with the continuous growth comes continues change. The biggest change going on today is being environmentally friendly. “Go Green”. Our case study “Greening the Excelsior” is dealing with situation on how to start a “Go Green “program for their facility. The Excelsior Hotel and Conference Center is not competitive within an industry that is becoming more eco-friendly. As a result of their sub-par performance on the CERES Green Hotel Initiative Best Practice Survey they have suffered a loss of revenue. If the Excelsior is going to become more competitive they will need to develop an eco-friendly business approach that is corporate wide. The three major issues that must be analyze and solved are: • How to convince upper management of the benefits of becoming more environmentally friendly. • Development of a team to explore the most cost effective way to reach and/or exceed the new environmentally friendly goals. • Implementation of a quality assurance system will have to be developed to ensure compliance with the new environmentally friendly goals. The key players and their roles within this green program
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