Explain How Kudler Fine Foods Need To Make Changes To Their Internal And External Environment

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Strategic Plan Update Version 1 Kudler Fine Foods will need to make changes to their internal and external environment, to remain successful in a competitive food industry. Through a revised and revamped mission statement, vision statement and value statement that can help Kudler Fine Foods a competitive national corporation. An important facet for Kudler Fine Foods will be the implementation of a pro-active management team to accommodate unknown and known variables for the company, while performing environmental scans. According to McEwen (2008), “Environmental scanning is also more than gathering information. It is the process of using environmental information in decision making. It is a means of improving the organizational ability to deal with a rapidly changing environment” (p. 3). Mission Statement, Vision , Value Statements A mission statement for any corporation is to establish the company’s identity and purpose for competing in that specific industry. A proper mission statement can establish or create a proper image that can develop customer…show more content…
Dealing with political status is measured by decisions and impact on global affairs. Internal scanning deals with core strengths and characteristics of in the nation where business has established the plant. A company’s resources should be identified by managerial, capital, raw materials, and labor. Kudler Fine Foods internal scan should be recognized in dealing with organizationally, and operationally globally. (Pearson and Robinson, 2011). As a efficient resource for Kudler Fine Foods, there will be an extensive review of Kudlers policies from the online game (via University of Phoenix website).

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