David Suzuki's View Of Overconsumption

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David Suzuki writes an article that is in sharp contrast to the mainstream ideology on consumption. He acknowledges how today’s modern society has accepted over consumption as the social and economic norm. Armed with various alarming facts and statistics, Suzuki goes on to assert how this approach to consumption is hazardous to everyone. To allow a change in perception, Suzuki offers the reader stark comparisons on the consumption rate between industrialized nations and developing countries. Also, numerous other facts scattered throughout the article, demonstrate the importance placed on increasing consumption by modern societies and economies. David uses these facts combined with quotes from several personalities in an attempt to shine an objective light into an otherwise subjective argument. The integration of facts and statistics into the article, help David downplay his obvious bias towards the issue. He is successful in steering the reader directly into agreement with his own personal opinions. Through a short article, Suzuki is able to influence someone who is oblivious into his cause.…show more content…
Western society should sincerely consider overconsumption as a major threat to humanity. Society needs to focus on the environment and the earth we live on because it is what sustains human life and the natural habitat. Since we live in a time where alternative technologies which aid in cutting back consumption are available; We should all take the incentive to start using them. The burning of fossil fuels should decrease and be replaced with energy saving technologies, as this will significantly reduce fuel consumption. It is evident that society has resources such as solar and wind power available. Thus, instead of making money from big time industrial polluters destroying the environment, people should concentrate on finding ways to conserve the

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