Argumentative Essay: American Policies And Government

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Brian Stephenson Economics and business flows through the scholars, and various entrpreneaurs that live in our country. We as citizens of this earth have many concerns locally, publicly, and of course nationally. To clarify, countless Americans discover more national disasters just by pressing a wrong button, or even saying the wrong things, or most importantly not having themselves focused and prioritized on the big picture. For Example, 35% of nationally acclaimed high school students don’t understand the simple fundamentals of American government. Analyzing and fighting for our American policies and government. Last but not least, we as citizens need to control this economy and see what is really in our pockets. Being an upcoming freshman and a high-school graduate, scholars need to realize the oppurtunity we have to change the world, and have a huge impact in tomorrow’s world. It’s a luxury to have a free education to minorities, and many different physical races, ethnic backgrounds, and of course various religions. On the other hand, the education we as students receive can categorize as a national concern because as a nation we can’t have big percentage drops in tests that challenge our minds for the real world which we will encounter. To conclude, national high…show more content…
On the contrary, slowly analyzing our American Government and seeing its policies also contributes as a national concern for the people around us. Government creates conversions, stability, and admissions for different types of citizens. To clarify, economics and fundamentals is the triple-beam balance in our world that holds us steady. Scholars need to realize that supplemental information in today’s world could provide leads to entrepreneaurship and career buliding. Government is a huge thing and could be detrimental if taking lightly to promote national
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