Persuasive Essay On The New Deal

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Dear Editor, This are one of the most difficult times in the economy of the United States, many Americans are faced with the question of whether the government is doing what it is necessary to fix the economy. Franklin Roosevelt’s speech stressed an emphasis on his New Deal Program and advocated a change from what he implied was a do-nothing government to a hands-on government. Herbert Hoover in “The Confused State of the Union,” informed the public about the confusion of the ‘promises’ made by Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal. Society is being torn apart by the depression: the country is facing problems of poor working conditions, slow and ineffective politics and a dying economy. It is evident the the role of government is becoming more important because society is depending on the government to solve the lasting problems of the economy, in politics, and social reforms. Franklin D. Roosevelt was confident that the New Deal program would fix these issues but many Americans including Herbert Hoover and Huey Long questioned the role of government and offered their own conjecture about the New Deal. The New Deal is aimed to stimulate the industrial recovery, to assist the victims of the Depression, to raise the quality of life standards and further to prevent future…show more content…
Roosevelt’s New Deal program. It helped those in need and also gave Mexican American’s and African American’s a chance to do something for themselves and their families. Perhaps it was necessary for the role of government to take a bigger role in their lives of Americans, to step levels of new powers that previous presidents never held the power to do so. Thus, the role of government is essential to safeguard the American citizens, assisting in the daily problems of society on a regular basis and providing the needs for healthy economy to run the nation. I hope you find this letter interesting and make you understand why the New Deal is really
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