Chipotle: Ethical And Socially Responsive Business

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1 Ethical and Socially Responsive Business Sean Adams Dr. Jeanette Horner-Smith Intoduction to Business June 3, 2014 2 Chipotle has a fantastic business. I believe that it is mainly cause of their code of ethics. Started from the bottom in California to becoming one the healthiest fast food chains in America. It really takes a good code of ethics to hold all of the business as well as the community together. Picking the right staff and the right employees and even the right investors, Chipotle has displayed great tools of their code to make sure their dream didn’t fail. One key factor to their great success is ethical communication. Knowing that Chipotle has such a wide variety of food from different ethical backgrounds, they have…show more content…
It will show great planning and it gives the community something to look forward too. Which means it can be a growing tool. One event may have a certain amount of people but then the next event will double due to word of mouth. Which is networking. Another idea I would use is more organic foods. It is used to promote a healthier choice of foods. Better quality means more customers. Remember this is a business that has to make money some how some way. This way is called green marketing which is developing and promoting environmentally sound products and practices to gain a competitive edge (Introduction to Business. Page 270.) And the last tool I would use is sustainable development. That is to doing business to meet the needs of the current generation, without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Introduction to Business page 269.) Now that takes a lot of research to know that the people and community wants. It may require you to have a poll. It may require some failures, but if you look at the big picture its still networking. Also it is giving the business to learn different ethics. Some people may say something…show more content…
From starting from the bottom to becoming a great restaurant. They has displayed great ethics and the community knows all about Chipotle. And if you don’t then I’m sure you will learn about them in the near future. And honestly they don’t have that many commercials but yet it works. People still know who they are but the main question is why? Could it be their organic foods? Could it be entertainment? Could it be word of mouth? Or could it be just all of the questions? Bottom line is that it is a fast growing company and it will continue to grow and continue to expand their ideas and their

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