Whole Foods Market Sustainability Study

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Abstract This Paper is an overview of Whole Food Markets Sustainability. It includes Whole Food Markets strategy in employee sustainability, community sustainability and environmental sustainability. This paper gives examples of how Whole Foods Markets uses many different sources to make future sustainability in many different areas. Company Overview Whole Foods Market is a food chain shopping retailer. They are not your typical grocery store that most people go to. A whole food specializes in health food. What sets whole foods aside from the typical grocery store is that they sell all organic and natural foods. The first Whole Food Market opened in 1980. It was one small store located in Austin, Texas. Over 20 years later, they have…show more content…
Whole Foods Market is listed number 25 out of the top 100 companies to work for by CNN Fortune and Money. Their job growth is 3% and they employee 52,915 U.S. employees. Whole foods reward their employees with a 20% discount card for everything in their store. If employees meet their healthy living goals, they are rewarded with 30% discount in the store. This is a great way for the employees to promote the products in the store. If they are using the products, they will more than likely share their great experiences with the products with others. Whole foods also provides their employees with many different benefits. These benefits include things like health and insurance benefits, 401K, many different beneficial accounts and paid time off. Whole Foods continues to educate its employees. They provide training, seminars and even online courses about products and various things that involve Whole Food Markets or the health of its customers, employees, and environment. Employees are encouraged to make their own decisions, create a respectful workplace and create new and improved ideas in the work place. Employees also have the opportunity to move up in the company. Whole foods generally hires within the company. Keeping the employees happy, up to date and informed in the company is an important part of their…show more content…
They are concerned with the impacts of palm oil production in the tropical rainforests. By taking this Pledge they are committed to protecting the rainforests, communities and global climates. Whole Food Markets have many other things that they are doing for environmental sustainability. They are replacing plastic and paper food containers with biodegradable food packing. Also, they are switching their truck fleet to biodiesel fuels. In some stores they have switched to waterless urinals for water conservation. They have 5% donation day’s which goes toward cleaning up air, rivers, oceans and landfills. Most stores use green sealed cleaning supplies. Finally, they print on recycled paper and use soy inks. Conclusion Whole foods Market’s use Employees, Community and the environment as part of their sustainable future. The Employees are encouraged to be creative and make individual choices. The communities are benefiting by the Whole Foods Markets way of doing things. The environment is better because they do business by using resources and materials that will not ruin the planets ecosystem. Shopping at whole foods does not just get you groceries but, it gives you education on food choices, community support and better overall environment.

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