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6 Social Responsibility within Company Q Social Responsibility within Company Q Daniel R. Beckerman Western Governors University WGU Student #000322976 For any given business, the greatest potential for revenue growth can be found through a mix of focusing on providing for the shareholders, as well as thinking of the stakeholders as a whole. This means focusing past short term profits and creating a plan that demonstrates a measure of social responsibility. Business reputation goes a long way towards creating how large a company’s customer base is going to be, and giving the appearance of not caring about the community can lead to a loss of customers and a loss of additional revenue in the long run.…show more content…
While theft and low income consumers bring the possibility of providing only moderate revenue gains, if not a loss, operating in impoverished areas can also be a source of growing potential for the business. Many companies advertise philanthropic missions, such as donating to charities every year or helping to provide for the families of their employees. While these are messages that consumers hear, a more powerful message can be the one that the consumers themselves see. Rather than closing down those stores, Company Q should focus on the reasons for the high crime, and offer ways to reduce that crime rate. Offering work programs that help prepare young people for management or skilled positions is a good way to take crime off of the streets while showing to the community that the business cares about the welfare of the population. This can help bring in a group of potential profit earners for the company while at the same time reducing crime in the stores and the surrounding neighborhood. The improved reputation could only serve to bring in shoppers who are more prone to visit the larger and cheaper chains such as Walmart. While this will incur immediate liability costs as the plan is enacted, the end result benefiting the shareholders is a cheaply trained future leadership staff, an improved reputation for the company as a whole, and a long term boost in…show more content…
To see these benefits, the focus needs to remain on benefiting the community at large and meeting the needs of each individual location. Crime can be reduced within the store by helping provide for the community and offering opportunities to help people work their way off the streets. Consumer spending can be increased by meeting the demands of the area while helping those who cannot afford to spend money on the goods the company sells. Any company would be wise to remember that quite often it is the poor who succeed later in life and become a company’s biggest investors. A focus on those in need is something that helps a company’s reputation for years to come, boosting profits in both the poorest neighborhoods and the wealthiest. Company Q benefits from having multiple active locations in place in varying income locations. Should the focus be on meeting the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic requirements of social responsibility, the company stands to be a responsible, reputable, and very profitable

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