Should America Legalize Marijuana Essay

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Zeiry Flores 10/29/14 Eng. 098-010 Professor Terry America Should Legal Right To Marijuana. The legalization of weed has always been very controversial. Many people appose to the idea of marijuana being legal. I on the other hand, do not see it as a big problem. Now I do not say this because I might smoke, I just never have seen the real issue of it being harmful or causing harm. On the contrary, marijuana has much more benefits. For example, there would be less incarceration and conviction rates for marijuana would lower. In addition, you could tax marijuana, which would help build the economy. There are many more reasons for legalizing marijuana and I honestly really cannot find a good enough reason why not I think It would make the…show more content…
This country could use a little boost in the economy. We would all benefit from that. The money could go towards getting this country in the debt that it is with China. There are many plans that this money could have. Marijuana being illegal is only making us spend more money. All of this would make America better in my opinion. The only downside I see to legalizing marijuana would be the easy access to everyone. Specially the children, they are ones we worry about, but if we are as strict as we are with cigarettes and liquor, I think things will be ok. We will just need to raise the fines and be harsh with them. Now stores would not want to sell it illegally to minors. There would be a way of controlling this to avoid these situations. It will be a controlled substance. There are, many more benefits to legalizing marijuana, these are just some. Compared to the how things are now, I only believe that the United States will only benefit from legalizing marijuana. This will help build the economy and maybe help us get out of debt. It will lower the incarceration rate, which will also help build the economy. So much money, which that will gained from legalizing it marijuana. All that money can be taxed and help-out America. Compared to how this country is doing I think we are better off legalizing
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