Benefits Of Decriminalizing Marijuana

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The drug known as marijuana has been a leading issue of controversy between civilizians and government for years. It is controversial because of the bad track record it has sustained over the years. Marijuana is considered to be a schedule one drug, which means that it has a potential for abuse and lacks medical use. This is clearly stated under the controlled substance act. Regardless of current, laws marijuana has become a part of Canadian culture and is here to stay. Marijuana should be decriminalized under the same controls as are alcohol and tobacco. The decriminalization of marijuana would help benefit individuals, society, as well and the government in several ways. It may come as a surprise that the drug marijuana has very little to…show more content…
Once marijuana became illegal in 1937 legal prohibitions against the drug have cost tax payers billions of dollars in law enforcement. Billions of dollars have also been lost in revenues if marijuana had been taxed in the same manner as are alcohol and tobacco. Decriminalizing marijuana has a very large potential for becoming a large source of additional tax revenue. The government profits millions of dollars in cigarette and alcohol taxes. Imagine how much more money could be made if marijuana became legal. The extra tax revenue would help society because there would be an extra income that could be used towards health care or other things that benefits society. Drug dealers cause a threat to society and if marijuana was decriminalized drug dealers would lose most if not all of their business and crime would decrease. (SASTISTIC PG 4 5 OF RESEARCH NOTES) if marijuana were to be controlled by the government people would more likely to buy from a store than a shady drug dealer. Thousands of job opportunities would be made available if marijuana were to be decriminalized. This would result in benefits for the individual by getting a job and also the society and help the current state that the economy is currently in. Drug dealers would need to find alternative jobs which helps contribute to society. Street justice…show more content…
With all the facts showing how much the decriminalization of marijuana would help benefit individuals, society and the government it is unclear as to why there are prohibitions put in place against the use of marijuana. It would be an overall great profit if marijuana were made legalized because it is such a growing industry that is not going to leave. Marijuana benefits individuals with serious and fatal illnesses and when compared to tobacco and alcohol it has less harsh health risks. There is no reason why marijuana should be illegal in Canada and it would only help benefit the majority of people if it were declared legal. As marijuana is a large part of Canadian society the issue needs to be addressed with an open

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