The Argument Against Legalizing Marijuana

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Many people debate over whether or not marijuana should be legalized. They argue about the moral issues or moral conflicts that would arise with the legalization of it. Although there is a lot of we could say for each side, if we put aside our personal feelings and see it from the economics point of view, we would realize that legalizing marijuana would be the right thing to do (especially with the recession we are in). In this paper I will be discussing why the government should legalize marijuana by analyzing the financial costs of keeping it illegal and the financial gain we would receive from being able to tax every sale. First reason why the government should consider legalizing marijuana is because expenditures on drug enforcement would…show more content…
Legalizing marijuana would allow for the local, state and federal government to tax and regulate it like other goods. In the Miron Report, it states that if marijuana could be taxed like other goods it could produce revenue of $2.4 billion annually. The same report states that if we were to tax the sales of marijuana like the sales of alcohol and marijuana, then that would produce revenue of about $6.2 billion…show more content…
Conservatives will always be against it and Liberals will always be for it. The only conclusion we can come down to based on hard facts is that marijuana should be legalized. Although most of the time people make decisions based on their emotions, I refuse to agree that the government should make decisions in the same manner. The government and people voting for these propositions should look at what its best for the country. After looking into all the issues of legalizing marijuana and looking at the pros and cons, the only conclusion we should come to is to legalize it. Aside from our feelings against it, it makes no sense not to legalize it. To make it legal, and stop all the hardcore drug enforcement would save the U.S at least a couple billion dollars. Legalizing it would also bring revenue of up to $6.2 billion annually by taxing the sales of it. Plain and simple, we need to legalize marijuana. It would help get our economy back on track faster than anything

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