Marijuana Legalization In America

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The Prosperous Legalization The use of marijuana in America is often negatively regarded as a foolish activity for the reason that Americans only tend to observe the improper uses of marijuana. It is very important for our constituents to note that the legalization can bring prosperity to America. In the interest of salvaging America’s degraded economy, the legalization inherits the capacity to solve the nation’s economic issues, introduce new job opportunities to our nation’s workforce, and discover new medicinal treatments for malignant illnesses. Despite anyone’s opinions on marijuana one solid fact is undeniable, legal marijuana is vested with the power to solve our country’s depraved economic issues. Once regulated, marijuana can start putting big figures in the industry’s appraisal.…show more content…
From expanding job opportunities, offering treatment options, and saving America’s severed economy, it is safe to say the legalization of marijuana means good to all Americans and nations across the world. Works Cited Ducatti Flister, Larissa. "The Economic Case For Marijuana Legalization In Canada." Journal Of Alternative Perspectives In The Social Sciences 5.1 (2012): 96-100. Academic Search Complete. Web. 5 Nov. 2014. Ferner, Matt. "New Research Shows How Marijuana Compound Can Reduce Tumor Growth In Cancer Patients." The Huffington Post., 16 July 2014. Web. 03 Nov. 2014. Rollins, Judy, A. "Pot For Tots: Children And Medical Marijuana." Pediatric Nursing 40.2 (2014): 59-60. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 5 Nov. 2014. Shumway, Julia. "Study: Medical Marijuana Will Create 1,500 Jobs In Arizona." Inside Tucson Business 22.50 (2013): 5. Regional Business News. Web. 5 Nov. 2014. Stuart, Hunter. "If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats."The Huffington Post., 19 Apr. 2014. Web. 05 Nov.
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