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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss pancreatic cancer and explain how it plays out as a terminal illness. This paper will provide statistics about the occurrence of pancreatic cancer in the United States of America. Also, information will be provided on the warning signs of the illness, known causes, how it is treated and statistics related to the illness. Pancreatic cancer is listed as one of the top five causes of death among men and women. Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in around 28,000 Americans each year (Mayo Clinic, 2012). Many in the health care field believe that pancreatic cancer is a new medical challenge that will affect many people (…show more content…
Abdominal pain and rapid weight loss are two common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Abdominal pain typically affects the higher area of the abdomen and travels to portions of the back. Less dramatic symptoms could include vomiting and nausea. People sometimes rule nausea out as being a major illness and do not seek medical attention. It can signal something severe or even be related to something as small as a stomach virus. Pancreatic cancer may hinder the pancreas' ability to produce insulin, which could result in diabetes. Pancreatic cancer has many different symptoms (Pancreatic Cancer Causes, Symptoms,…show more content…
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