Should Marijuana Be Legalized In The United States?

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Dylan Kelley Rough Draft 11-15-10 Yes We Cannabis Should marijuana be legalized in the United States? Should people be punished for smoking a harmless natural plant? The legalization of marijuana is a topic that most Americans have a powerful say in. Some believe it should remain illegal because they believe it’s a “gateway” drug or because it causes violence. Others, like me, think that the government shouldn’t have the power to outlaw if it’s not harming or endangering others. There are many reasons why I believe marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana could generate billions of dollars to use for more serious problems, prohibition doesn’t help anything, and legalization could possibly reduce drug use by teens. Our government currently spends billions of dollars annually to lock up marijuana users. These people are normally very peaceful, relaxed, and non-violent. They eventually get sentenced and go to jail, which American taxpayers pay for. Marijuana arrests are wasting jail space that could be used for more serious or violent crimes. These arrests are also jamming the court systems. Police, lawyers, and judges could also spend this time on more serious crimes. The taxation of…show more content…
America should have learned this from the prohibition of alcohol. The government uses criminal penalties in an attempt to stop users, but over 25 million people use marijuana annually. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the United States, currently. I believe prohibition could actually increase drug use for teenagers. Marijuana, now days, is extremely easy to get, and most drug dealers don’t have age restrictions. There’s no age limit for buying marijuana illegally, but legally would require restrictions. Alcohol is harder to get than marijuana for most kids because there are legal restrictions on it. Prohibition is not the answer. Money should be spent on education and treatment programs for people with drug
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