Legalizing Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana Marijuana is the most common drug in the US, which most people use illegally and for medical purposes. Some people view legalizing medical marijuana as a positive effect, than other people view it negatively. Marijuana should be legalized since the US can make a profit off of it, it’s been proven to help many medical problems, there’s no such thing as an overdose, and it can help reduce the crime rate. Twenty different states have legalized the use of medical marijuana and have laws dealing with cannabis use. The states that have legalized it are Alaska(1998), Arizona(2010), California(1996), Colorado(2000), Connecticut(2012), Washington D.C(2010), Delaware(2011), Hawaii(2000), Illinois(2013),…show more content…
Most people I did ask had wanted it to be legalized so here are some of their opinions. Breanna Bridgman said, “I believe marijuana should be legalized because it is an herb and practically harmless if you use it right.” Alissa White had told me, “Marijuana should be legalized but only for medical uses. If someone is prescribed marijuana they should be monitored closely and shouldn’t be prescribed more than they need, because eventually they will take advantage of it.” Toree’ Sinclair responded, “I highly believe it should be legalized because it’s a plant, you can’t die from it. You have to use it right though, do not take advantage of it.” Chantel Wofford told me, “I believe it should be legalized because it’s a plant, and a cure for many health problems. Why take 10 medicines for one problem when you can take one for 10 problems?” Dylan Davis’s opinion on the matter was, “I believe medical marijuana should be legalized since it is a herd, you can’t overdose on it. It would help our terrible economy and plus it’s proven to help medical conditions.” Jamie DeSalvo told me, “Medical marijuana should be legalized since it’s proven to help medical conditions. Besides that economy would get better from the income tax, or just from not as many arrests on marijuana charges could save thousands of dollars. It is in our own rights; life, liberty, and happiness. Those are our unalienable rights as an American.” Enoch Easter’s opinion was, “Why not legalize marijuana period? If you use it then good for you; if you don’t then that’s your decision. Some people actually might need medical marijuana for medical conditions, but hypocrites say bad things about it and try to make it seem that it’s morally wrong if you use it. If using medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is ok by your moral beliefs, then I believe you should be able to use it. It’s not the

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