Legalizing Marijuana Thesis

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To Legalize Marijuana or Not.. General Goal: To persuade Specific Goal: To persuade individual to legalize marijuana Central idea: To educate individuals on what the benefits are for legalizing marijuana. Organization pattern: Introduction Attention step: We all have an opinion on the use of marijuana. Is it safe for us on a medical view or will it get out of hand and still be abused. Thesis statement: Marijuana has been decriminalized in several states on the basis that it will benefit the sick and boost the economy. Credibility statement: Marijuana has come along way from being the illegal substance that people abuse. Today, there are 16 states that have decriminalized marijuana use. Preview A. What exactly is marijuana? B. How will it benefit the sick. C. How will it benefit the economy.…show more content…
Economics : If we legalize marijuana from an economical view, the government would be able to put a tax on marijuana like they do alcohol and cigarettes, which would be a huge advantage to our economy. There would be less criminals out on the street selling illegal drugs because it would not be illegal. There would be less prisoners in the jail, which in return would decrease our taxes and we would not have to pay to food and housing of the prisoners. There would be less road rage because people would be laid back and our fine police officers could use there time with other more serious criminal matters. I want to add that there are at least 16 states that have already decriminalized marijuana use. These state have examined the cause and have made a diplomatic decision about legalizing marijuana. I will give you a run down of which state have legalized marijuana: Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and
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