Legalizing Marijuana Counter Culture

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Marijuana; Not Just a Counter Culture For many people the choice to use drugs is an easy one; no, but for other people when it is a life or death situation, or their depression is great enough, they will do and try anything to help gain relief from pain. With the legalization of Marijuana, medical patients would have the ability to seek other ways of treatment via medicine. Also with the legalization of Marijuana the gateway theory would be proven false. Along with these two solid reasons why Marijuana should be legalized, the federal government would also reap astonishing amounts of revenue that could be used to pay off debts and pay into social security. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years, not always for the “high effect,” but…show more content…
This is the idea that a person who uses Marijuana will become addicted to harsher drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Angel Dust, and other potentially deadly drugs. The reasoning behind this is that a person who usually buys Marijuana, buys it from a dealer who also sells other drugs as well. The dealer after a while will offer the buyer a newer drug, and supposedly the buyer would accept, thus the gateway theory. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In 1944 “The LaGuardia Report” was released, this was a report that studied the gateway effects and other associated Marijuana myths. The study showed that "The use of marijuana does not lead to morphine or heroin or cocaine addiction. ...The instances are extremely rare where the habit of marihuana (sic) smoking is associated with addiction to these narcotics" (Marijuana and the Gateway Theory). This shows that people who use harsher drugs and Marijuana started them at approximately the same time. One way people who get addicted to other drugs via Marijuana, is by having the Marijuana laced with other drugs or chemicals. For example, embalming fluid, this is a chemical fluid that is used to preserve dead bodies after the person has passed, often for funerals or lab tests. The effect that is gained from Marijuana laced with embalming fluid is that it creates effects similar to PCP (Embalming Fluid?). The only two reasons why a person would do this is…show more content…
This is because the federal government would regulate and tax Marijuana, similarly to alcohol and tobacco. The federal government on average collects close to 7 billion dollars a year just from tobacco. If Marijuana were to be legalized the taxes would be projected to be the same. This means an extra 7 billion dollars a year for use on programs and could be used to prosecute criminals for harsh crimes such as murder and robberies. An estimated 1,663,582 arrests were issued in 2009 alone, this is an extreme amount of arrests, and it’s aiding to the overcrowding of jails. If Marijuana were to be legalized, these 1,663,582 jail cells would be open to inmates who deserve to be there. Another benefit to the jails is that with fewer inmates, they could control the populations easier, and have less trouble keeping peace amongst prisoners. Along with reducing inmate numbers, the legalization would also help free up time for attorneys and court appointed lawyers to help with larger cases. This intern will reduce the time for a prisoner to go through the judicial system, most inmates spend a good deal of time waiting for their court appearance, if they are innocent then this conflicts with their work and life. The federal and state governments also spend an astronomical amount of money on fighting Marijuana as well. For example 100 million dollars a year is spent on

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