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Legalization of Marijuana The United States is the largest user of marijuana in the world with more than 40% of the population having used it at least once in their lives. As a result of this overwhelming percentage, the drug problem in the United States has come to all time high and many feel, “We will never, for reasons that will shortly become clear, punish our way out of the drug crisis (Toward a Policy on Drugs).” With the lack of danger to one’s self and to society as well as the medicinal benefits that result from its use, marijuana must be legalized for distribution and use in America (Toward a Policy on Drugs). Marijuana or cannabis has been used for many centuries in the past and its use continues throughout the world today for…show more content…
Bennett’s chapter against the legalization of drugs he speculates that the legalization of drugs would remove the criminal stigma that currently labels drug users. Bennett theorizes that a removal of this stigma would take with it the hesitation felt by the majority of people who see no positives in a life of crime. He is talking about every drug which one would agree that such a broad decriminalization would send our country into a downward spiral filled with addicted citizens barely able to function within society. The hard drugs that Bennett describes are in fact a danger to society such drugs like PCP, heroin or crack cocaine. However, he barely touches on the fact of marijuana alone. He speaks of the concern that marijuana impairs memory, concentration, and attention span during intoxication. Intoxication of marijuana usually lasts from 3 to 5 hours then your body returns to its normal functioning state. But when you look at someone under the influence of alcohol the dangers to themselves and others becomes much more likely. In essence, Bennett ignorantly groups marijuana in with harder drugs, just as legislation has for the majority of a century, without considering the differences between marijuana and other drugs or the benefits that can result from marijuana…show more content…
A survey done in 1991 showed that over 20 million people used marijuana within that year. In the United States there are more than 300,000 drug offenders in prison at every moment costing our government $100,000 per cell, meaning it costs $30 billion to make a place for these people to serve their crime. In addition it costs $25,000 per year to keep an inmate in prison, adding $15 billion more to our already high costs (Towards a Policy on Drugs). Elliott Currie describes that the United States should adopt the Dutch policy of legalization of marijuana and other hashish drugs excluding cocaine and heroin. These two drugs are much more harmful to you and can be highly addictive. Marijuana has been ignorantly placed with the harder drugs and as Currie explains the legalization of marijuana will decrease the already punitive war on

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