The Benefit of Legalizing Marijuana

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Running Head: The Benefit of Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Analysis The Benefit of Legalizing Marijuana Lad AzizB City University BSC403 Summer Quarter 2012 Professor: J- Lum September 2, 2012 The Benefit of Legalizing Marijuana In our challenging world there are many laws that have been approved based on wrong perceptions and incorrect assumptions. Illegalization of Marijuana is one of those cases. Marijuana has been made illegal for some incorrect reasons, based on peoples’ false opinion that it is a highly addictive drug, with no useful purposes. In fact, the marijuana plant has been used productively since at least the 5th century BC. Chinese people used hemp to make clothes, shoes, rope, and an early form of paper. Since ancient time, marijuana has been used as a medicine benefiting many diseases and symptoms. The Mystical Emperor was prescribing marijuana tea for the treatment of gout, rheumatism, malaria, and poor memory in 2737 BC. The drug’s popularity as a medicine spread through Asia, Middle East and Africa. Certain Hindu sects in India used marijuana for religious purposes and stress relief. However, doctors did believe that consumption of marijuana in excess caused impotence, blindness and “seeing devils”. In modern times hemp is used for a wide variety of purposes including cordage of varying tensile strength, clothing, nutritional products and various industrial purposes. Making marijuana illegal in North America has helped create many street gangs who profit from the sale of a plant that is less harmless than alcohol and less addictive than coffee. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the benefit of legalization of marijuana from financial and social aspects, and also from its benefits in providing relief to many patients across the world. Marijuana, or cannabis has been part of humanity’s medicine kit
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