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Annotated Bibliography COM 220 June 21, 2012 Annotated Bibliography Morrow, A. (2012). What are the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana?. Retrieved from I believe this Source is a great source to use for my research paper due to the fact that the information being presented on this page is summarized and does not show any type of biased information. This article was created by a registered nursed and was reviewed by a medical board. It talks about the debate on marijuana and the 13 states that have adopted the medical marijuana law. The authors addresses questions such as, what are the pros and cons of medical marijuana, What symptoms…show more content…
It will give me ideas of what can be used as a con regarding medical marijuana. In this article, the author speaks about California, Arizona, and several other states have recently legalized medical marijuana. He also states clearly what his goal is. That goal is to demonstrate that even if one grants the opponents of legalization many of their contentious assumptions, the federal government is still obligated to take several specific steps toward the legalization of medical marijuana. He defends this claim against a variety of objections, including the claims: that marijuana is unsafe, that marijuana cannot be adequately tested or produced as a drug, that the availability of synthetic THC makes marijuana superfluous, and especially that legalizing medical marijuana will increase recreational use by 'sending the wrong message.' He then goes on to argue that given the intransigent position of the federal government on this issue; state governments are justified in unilaterally legalizing medical marijuana as an act of civil…show more content…
The challenges New Jersey employers are faced with in the workplace. This article addresses these challenges and provides guidance for employers dealing with employees who are using marijuana for certain debilitating medical conditions. The Act does not affect federal laws concerning marijuana, but decriminalizes the medical use of marijuana under New Jersey state law under particular circumstances. This article will provide information that can relate to the professional side of the community. The McGraw-Hill Companies, . (2011). Drug use in modern Society . Retrieved from This book explains how our modern society uses drugs. Since it’s a schoolbook, I believe it will bring plenty of information regarding the basics of drugs. This book will show the statistic of people using drugs. This will also include why people use drugs and the side affects of it. I feel that even though this book seems to be a broad source that does not only focus on marijuana but on other drugs, I believe it will bring plenty of good information that I can use in my paper. I feel that this book will allow me to demonstrate that society is what makes the drugs worse than they really

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