Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Conundrum

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The Cannabis Conundrum A major issue in America’s society today is whether or not marijuana (also known as pot, weed, etc.) should be legalized., and there are many differing opinions as to why it should or should not be legal. Some people like to experiment with it as a recreational drug, while others seek its medicinal value. An analysis of certain authors’ opinions reveals that many people support the legalization of cannabis, and some people oppose the legalization. This paper will attempt to analyze this issue using multiple authors’ perspectives and insights to how they feel on the matter. It will also examine these works for the author’s rhetoric and opinions, and will attempt to gather a better understanding of the differing views of the matter and why there are many factors and variables to both arguments. The Marijuana Question, written by Helen C. Jones & Paul W. Lovinger, compares the use of cannabis to that of…show more content…
The book starts off stating that America is one of the few industrialized countries to still criminalize marijuana. It then goes on to show the perspectives of two differing viewpoints on a single topic, in this case that of medicinal uses. “In recent years thousands of patients with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and a variety of other disabling diseases have begun to smoke marijuana illegally in the firm belief that it makes their symptoms better, despite the relative paucity of medical evidence to substantiate such belief.” (Iversen 2) Iversen goes into depth with some of the most common ailments described by those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, and how they help, hinder, or show no effect. The author also includes many graphs comparing cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke, and they show that cigarettes are substantially more harmful to the body long

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