Research Paper Outline On Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana What does my topic mean? • The term of marijuana is dried leaves, flowers, or stems of the cannabis plant. Its name is Cannabis. Why are people fighting about this? • The arguments against marijuana are that it contains carcinogens, and may risk lung cancer and respiratory tract cancer. Who is fighting about my topic? • British Lung Foundation reported 2002 they found that smoking three to four marijuana cigerettes per day is associated with bronchia mucus; it’s like smoking 20 or more tobacco cigarettes a day. • CBS News Poll say majority of 51 percent continues to think marijuana use should be illegal. • Americans in the western states say marijuana should be legalized. 45 percent say it should not be. • Younger Americans…show more content…
• 31 percent of medical marijuana is used for serious illness. • More than 52 percent use medical marijuana for something else. • There are over 250 diseases that have been recognized. • To get medical marijuana you will have to get a card. Any other important information I need to teach to the class. • 23 percent of senior citizens favor legalizes marijuana for personal issue. • The main difference says whether people think marijuana should be permitted for medical uses. • 15 percent say to limit medical marijuana to seriously or terminally ill patients. • Therapeutic use of marijuana has a history of 4,500 years. • Doctors treat patients that have appetite loss, glaucoma, nausea, vomiting, spasticity, pain, and weight loss for medical marijuana. • They give marijuana if they have arthritis, dystopia, insomnia, seizures. • They have a pill like marijuana called Dronabinol. The pill is harder to digest and the effect doesn’t happen as fast as smoking marijuana. • People that suffer with diseases are helped by medical marijuana. • To get a card you have to fill a form out and submit personal health
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