Medical Marijuana Affairs Research Paper

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Joey Fait Mrs. Neve 5 December 2012 Medical Marijuana Affairs As the marijuana industry continues to expand and sweep the nation as the drug that brings the literal meaning to the term “everyone is doing it”, there seems to be more and more legal issues with every new dispensary or Marijuana collective opened. People of the west coast still do not understand how legitimate businesses and stores are raided every day by the F.B.I and local police, even though the state confirms its legitimacy. All medicines that are distributed to patients, through doctors, like Prozac, Ritalin, Oxycontin, and Xanax are all known to be very harmful. Prescription drug overdose surpassed traffic accidents as the number one preventable death in…show more content…
The old lies are now exposed. Marijuana is not a demon, it is a medicinal herb. Marijuana does not turn people into homicidal maniacs; it safely treats a wide variety of physical and emotional illnesses. Marijuana is not a gateway to addiction; it is a plant that people use to treat stress … and it is safer than alcohol. Worry of addiction created a marijuana policy based on fear and ignorance. We now know that addiction is a disease that can be treated. Marijuana helps people who are addicted to alcohol to stop their problem drinking. Scientists have demonstrated the medical value of Cannabis. The American people overwhelmingly support the medical use of marijuana and Eighteen States have medical marijuana laws and several more are currently working on medical marijuana legislation. Clearly, the light has been seen by the sick people of America because 2 states have completely legalized it for recreational use just like alcohol. Obviously there will be driving laws and public intoxication laws as there should be. Being stoned in public isn’t good for a person’s image anyway. Once the Judges, Governors, senators and every other political officials have come to an agreement on the controversy, I feel America will become a much healthier, smellier, safer place. Cannabis is known to calm the crazy nerves of the mentally unstable and the autistic, known to make convicts admit to their heinous crimes, help students focus on studying or taking standardized tests, all these are untreatable by any other medicine or doctor. The crime rate of drug possession is said go down significantly according to a student survey taken by mostly 10th and 11th graders in high school, and 20 students attending Glendale Community College in Arizona. If marijuana is legal, why would drug addicts go out of their way to pick up hard drugs when they could swing by their local Cannabis club? They wouldn’t. It helps the

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