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“Medical Marijuana is an Insult to Our Intelligence” This opinion piece, written by Charles Lane, starts off with the author describing how the Justice Department is dealing with people who smoke or sell pot. The article not only has statistical points but also the authors own opinion and humor. The author believes that although marijuana is a blessing for terminally ill patients, it does not have the ability to calm oneself. He explains the testing drugs must go through to meet Drug Administration to get his point through. Reading this article, I also find defense cases about medical marijuana. This topic seems to be a real debate and many people have different discrepancies about it. The article states that 44 percent of the public support…show more content…
When Lane says, “ Recreational use is not the smartest thing” I absolutely agree. A lot of adolescents start smoking marijuana because they are peer pressured. The more they do it, the more they seem to want to keep doing it to “fit in”. It seems that the earlier someone is to start smoking marijuana the more decided they are about legalizing it. Legalizing marijuana would make our government look terrible; because marijuana is a drug that most people use to “escape” or just because they like the feeling. Like Lane said, only 22 percent of medical marijuana users actually do have a terminal illness. Marijuana can be compared to drugs such as cocaine. So would the government ever consider legalizing cocaine? Referring back to the example where the woman took her defense of marijuana to the Supreme Court, she had no excuse to use marijuana at all! Millions of people around the world suffer from scoliosis and especially headaches. People who use marijuana on a regular basis are likely to become addicted to it. Just like all drug addicts, if they don’t have their “fix” they will go crazy and do anything to get it. As for the doctor who recommended her and 16-year-old boy who had ADHD, to consider marijuana as a cure is absolutely

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