Why Should Cigarette Cigarettes Be Illegal

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The Product and Sale of Cigarettes Should be Made Illegal The banning of smoking cigarettes is becoming a controversial social issue. Some people support the opinion of the smoking ban, but some people are against it. In my opinion, the production and sale of cigarettes should be illegal, because it is highly addictive like other illegal drugs, and second-hand smoke harms others, even if they do not smoke cigarettes. Also, smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. Additionally, more people have died from smoking cigarettes than from car accidents, or from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Once a person starts smoking cigarettes, it is really hard to quit. Also, smoking cigarettes is really harmful to people around them, especially pregnant women and children. Furthermore, government health…show more content…
That is more deaths than the combined total for HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders. The American Cancer Society’s chairman John R. Seffrin said, “The most preventable cause of death in our society is tobacco.” According to the World Health Organization, cancers are the first killers of human beings, and 70% of cancers are related to lung cancer caused by smoking cigarettes. In America, 23.1% of men, which is 24.8 million, are smokers, and 18.3% of women, which is 21.1 million, are smokers. Over one billion people smoke cigarettes regularly. In the world, 5.4 million people died of smoking cigarettes in 2010. When I was fourteen years old, one of my cousins died of heart attack, which was caused by smoking cigarettes. His heart stopped one day because of smoking cigarettes. Additionally, smokers inhale less than nonsmokers because smoking affects the amount of oxygen the lungs introduce into the blood. It also affects the lining of the lungs so that they cannot absorb as much from the air breathed

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