Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

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In the article “Why I am against legalization of marijuana”, author talks about why marijuana should not be legalized. Author mentions that legalizing marijuana may have harmful effects than alcohol. Legalizing the marijuana will just increase addiction by making it readily available to the users and tempting non users to engage in its consumption. This will in turn lead to reduced productivity and increased social evils in form of crime since drugs reduce inhibitions. Education might also be affected either through teens dropping out of school or their performance being greatly affected by usage of marijuana. He gives the example that “alcohol, which is a beverage and is good in small amounts and can be enjoyed in social setting or with more meals easily, but since marijuana is smoked, it may have destructive and harmful effects to lungs in any amount.” Thus, I agree with the author that marijuana should not be legalized because marijuana is more harmful than alcohol and legalizing it can increase suffering and pain in society. Marijuana can be socially addictive. If a person got addicted on it, his life becomes dependent on it. Marijuana is highly addictive drug whose legalization in United States can increase the number of drug addictive people significantly. “Use of alcohol has already destroyed millions of lives in world and has teased many families.’’ Legalization of marijuana would create widespread pain and suffering in the society. Government is spending millions of dollars on drug addictive patients. According to the facts provided by commonwealth organization in Africa, In the United States, the federal cost of attending to alcohol related conditions amounted to $185 billion as compared to alcohol related revenue totaling $14.5 billion. Medical data collected in trauma wards has shown that most deaths and major injuries on our roads are caused by

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