How To Write A Satire Essay On Smoking Cigarettes

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Addiction Trap Smoking cigarettes is a very common habit among the United States today, and continually growing. This habit is known to some as relaxing and to many as an addiction. With the attractive form of advertisement and the amount of consumers of cigarettes many people buy and smoke them, but are left in a habit that most people want to escape. Even though smoking has been around for many years, is it just a part of many peoples daily lives. But is this advertisement showing that it is an unescapable casualty in the eyes of many people and its consumers? Every day, around the world someone is smoking a cigarette. Whether it be your neighbor across the street, your roommate down the hall, your fellow classmate or even someone close…show more content…
From the ones that have half naked girls in them to the ones informing you of how many people die annually from cigarettes. This particular advertisement stuck out to me because in a way it shows both. As mentioned before, cigarettes are a common habit among the people, in a very big way. Some smoke because they need to and others because its a habit they formed when they were teens and they just can’t seem to stop. Well, this advertisement shows that entirely. It has cigarettes, all lit and burning, with the shapes of people trapped inside of them trying to get out. Now if this advertisement was shown to a young teen, it would probably make them not want to smoke a cigarette. While on the other hand, most people look at it and think, thats how I feel.; trapped. Smoking leads many people to feel trapped because when they take that first drag of a cigarette they aren’t thinking how it will affect them in the long run, they just think it looks cool. Yet when they get to the point of it turning into a nasty habit and wanting to quit, they can’t. They go from nicotine patches to nicotine gum all the way to a doctors prescription. Then finally they get to the point where they can stop, until they come across someone smoking a cigarette and they get a little smell of something they love, and the process starts all over. With only few being able to quit smoking, most get…show more content…
The number of deaths reported annually for just the United States, that were smoking related, is 440,000(WD 1). With that just being the United States, think about the whole world all together. This advertisement shows people wanting to escape, but not being able to. With the cigarettes showed as being lit, it portrays that people are left addicted to smoking until they die. Because once you get to the filter, there is no tobacco left to smoke, and the people are being shown as the tobacco in this advertisement. So once they have smoked until they can’t anymore, they are dead. Smoking is leaving people helpless, and this advertisement is showing that they have no way of escaping the addiction. While not only showing that smoking leaves you trapped, this image also portrays a vision of what many people will say might look like hell. When most; who believe in it, think of hell, you think of fire, flames and destruction. So is this advertisement also showing smoking to be a sin that will only land you in hell? Because if for example, say you were to change the background from being a solid black to a picture of trees and a family flying a kite, you probably wouldn’t think the same thing. You would maybe think more how smoking is going to effect your children later in life. Just by having the background of the advertisement be a solid black effects the

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