Lung Cancer In America

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One of the most problematic health issues in our country is smoking.. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in America, due to its harmful contents. Although thousands of people die from it each year, it is one of the single, most preventable deaths. If tobacco production were made illegal, an enormous amount of lives would be saved. Currently in our country one in five deaths are caused by a smoking related disease (Tobacco). So far in the year 160,340 deaths have been caused by lung cancer, and there has been 226,160 new cases (Tobacco). Moreover, Cigarette smoke does not just affect the person ingesting it, but the people around them as well. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. 60 of these chemicals are carcinogens,…show more content…
first, the cilia in the body is working to remove the foreighn particles brought by the tobacco, which is the reason for the chronic cough( What). In addition to the constant coughing, there is a loss of taste and a gain of "smoker's face". Smokers face is basically the face aging prematurely due to the lack of oxygen (Bryant). Next, your heart rate increases as much as 10- 25 beats per minute, making your heart work overtime to do simple activities such as walking up a flight of stairs(Bryant). Finally, blood is being coughed up, and chest pain and weight loss are in effect. Generally, by now the doctor has diagnosed it as lung cancer and has to determine the stage of cancer. If lucky enough, the cancer is treatable with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Unfortuantely, nearly 440,000 people diasgnosed with lung cancer are not lucky and eventually die as a result ( Reducing). On the contrary, there are ways that tobacco is beneficial to people. First, tobacco contains a chemcial called nicotine which helps the body relax. Some students like to smoke before exams to alleviate test anxiety. Another positive point is that the taxes that are collected on tobacco products are used to pay for public ameninites, such as schools and parks. Furthermore, tobacco industries emply thousands of people and with our economy today, we can use

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