Factors That Influence Health and Well-Being

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Factors that influence health and well-being. There are many different factors that influence health and well being. I'm going to look in critical detail at two of the factors. A person’s lifestyle and also their environment can affect them in many different ways: physically, intellectually, and socially an emotionally. A person’s health is greatly affected by their lifestyle decisions. Someone who chooses to smoke especially on a regular long term basis will be harming they're health greatly. Smoking directly causes 1000's of deaths in the UK each year and contributes too many more. Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals, These chemicals are dangerous and cause many physical problems on a person’s health,69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer, some of the ingredients of a cigarette are horrific: •Benzene (petrol additive) •Formaldehyde (embalming fluid) •Ammonia (toilet cleaner) •Acetone (nail polish) •Tar •Nicotine •Carbon monoxide •Arsenic (rat poison) •Hydrogen Cyanide (Gas chamber poison) All smokers energy levels are depleted because of lack of oxygen in the blood stream. Oxygen levels decrease about 15% when smoking, to be replaced by carbon monoxide. Smoking temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure straining your heart and blood vessels, this can cause and increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The tar in a cigarette coats your lungs and the longer you hold the smoke the deeper it gets dragged to your lungs sometimes causing cancer, other problems give you trouble breathing, chronic coughing and wheezing, or even Emphysema which is an irreversible disease that 75% of the people diagnosed are long-term smokers, the same goes for Bronchitis as it slowly rots your lungs it will result in death usually from respiratory failure. For women smoking affects your reproductive health for a woman who smokes they are

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