Marijuana Should Be Illegal

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Should Marijuana be Illegal? Or Legal Should the United States make marijuana legal? Or keep it illegal? Our country is facing a big drug problem, whether or not marijuana should become legal has created a very controversial issue. Some people think that legalizing marijuana is the only choice left. (Legalizing Marijuana) Others who disagree say that making marijuana legal will create more drug addicts and drug related crimes. (Zive, 2010) The people that want to make marijuana legal say that there is no good reason for it not to be legal. (Why Marijuana Shouls be Legal) We should have the right to make choices for ourselves as long as we are not harming others with our choice. The use of marijuana is far less harmful than other…show more content…
(Legalizing Marijuana) The United States currently spends billions of dollars a year to chase marijuana users. (Legalizing Marijuana) These people end up in jail and taxpayers have to pay for their food, housing and all other expenses involved in keeping people in jail. Also by legalizing marijuana the government would be able to collect taxes on it and have more money to spend on the education of dangerous drugs (Why Marijuana Shouls be Legal). Another reason people support legalizing marijuana is for medical purposes. (Legalizing Marijuana) Marijuana helps relieve nausea suffered by cancer patients who are going through powerful chemotherapy treatments. (Legalizing Marijuana) It is also used by patients who have multiple sclerosis and AIDS. (Why Marijuana Shouls be Legal) Marijuana has been proven to be effective in the treatments of glaucoma because it lowers pressure on the eye. (Why Marijuana Shouls be Legal) In the United States there are an estimated 2.7 million people who abuse drugs. (Zive, 2010) The most popular is marijuana. (Zive, 2010) Studies show that marijuana is not necessary addictive on its own, it is referred to as the gateway drug. (Zive, 2010) Meaning the use of marijuana is known to lead to the use of more dangerous and addictive drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. (Zive,…show more content…
People suffering from many illnesses would be able to experience relief. Also the government would make billions in tax revenue. There have never been any deaths recorded from the use of marijuana. It is not physically addictive, like alcohol and tobacco, and most doctors will agree that marijuana is safer than those substances. On the other hand legalizing marijuana can create a lot of problems. We could be opening up the door for people to start using more dangerous and addictive drugs. With all these different aspects what do you think, should marijuana be legalized? Or kept

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