Drug Legalization Satire

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Drug advocates believe that drug legalization will cure America’s eroding and so- called unwarranted drug policy. People seem to follow this idea without understanding the true destructions that drugs already cause while illegal. In addition, Americans think the liberal drug policy of Europe is without problems. Drug legalization will cause a domino effect of problems that will tear apart America as we know it today. A very commonly abused drug is marijuana. This exploitation occurs frequently on college campuses all over America. Since marijuana is the least damaging drug of all, it is thought to be relatively harmless. Supporters of legalization classify marijuana in a category deemed not detrimental. For example, they argue that…show more content…
They claim that drug use is a victimless crime and that people who use drugs are only hurting themselves and no one else. Other supporters believe that crime would actually decrease if drugs were made readily obtainable. They claim that because drugs are illegal it creates a subculture that wants to rebel in any shape or form necessary. A big fault lies in this theory. If drugs were legalized, a massive black market would continue to exist. This is because if drugs were made legal for people over 18 or 21, there would still be a market for everyone under that age. Since the preponderance of users are under this age, the market would continue or even inflate the underground sale and trade of drugs. With the sale and trade, there would be even more profits that would fund even more crime. For example, the Prohibition did not cause organized crime to decrease. Legalization would not put the cartels out of business, but simply make the cartels look to other illegal activities. The fault in the legalization theory does not end there. For example, if marijuana were legalized, drug cartels would continue to prosper with the use of heroin and cocaine. Whether or not legalization of marijuana ensues, there will be just about the same amount of drug trafficking. Countless and countless studies have exposed that violence is just a simple characteristic of drug users. It has been proven that drug users will do anything to obtain their drugs even if it means hurting
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