The Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

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Legalization of Marijuana The legalization of marijuana has been a debatable topic discussed for many years. The government stated that marijuana is a harmful drug that isn’t acceptable to society. Although that may be the government’s opinion they overlooked the benefits of marijuana. As a member of society I believe that marijuana should be legalized because of the amount of benefits, marijuana is a benefit to health care and treating certain illnesses, dealing with mental and psychological problems and also help our society and economy. Marijuana is an aid for health care and treatment for certain diseases/illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and even arthritis discomfort. While recreational marijuana is controversial,…show more content…
Cannabis was legal in Canada until 1923, today in Canada it is illegal to sell cannabis and its function is limited. Out of all the issues we can be involved in a positive way if the legalization of marijuana was to occur. This is an issue that a majority of the Canadian citizen believes that marijuana should not be illegal and also gives a neat opportunity to act together to attain some political expert. Here are some reasons why cannabis should be legalized: lowers the crime rates, more productivity in the economy, stops the stigmatization towards Blacks and Hispanics and reduces the number of drug dealers in the disastrous market. Since there are a bunch of prisoners charged with possession of cannabis. The fewer people we hold in jail the less money that needs to be spent on housing feeding and securing inmates. This also lessens the likelihood of people picking up bad habits from others who are in prison for theft or violence. Less money spent here means more money for more productive uses of taxpayer funds or lower taxes for people in general. It also helps top up our already overburdened judicial system by decreasing the stress on the courts and allowing police officers to concentrate their attempts on other matters. With marijuana being legal certain social group won’t have to be targeted as the one selling the illegal drug. Certain subjects show that Black and Hispanics are the main groups of drug dealers and are usually involved with the illegal activities. With marijuana being legal a reduction of stigmatizing will happen. In increase to drug dealers, through prohibition marijuana is forced to be traded in the disastrous market. The risks connected with raising and distributing the plant make for an artificially high price and exorbitant profits, getting it very lucrative for drug

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