Why Drugs Are Bad

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Why Drugs Are Bad Drugs have been a nonstop war with the government for centuries. Marijuana is currently the most abused drug in the USA. The US government has tried many strategies to get rid of Marijuana. Strategies to get rid of marijuana include busting drug dealers and giving fun facts about Marijuana to stop people from abusing it. The legalization of marijuana would be unbeneficial to society because teenagers have a higher risk for dropping out, Marijuana is harmful to the brain and there are dangers related to addiction. Marijuana use by adults in 2013 is actually decreasing. However marijuana use from teenagers has increased in 2013. Marijuana can be used several different ways. Marijuana can be consumed in many ways. A couple of ways of doing this would be. Smoking through water pipes, cigar paper, blunts and you can even eat marijuana. Marijuana has a very distinctive smell to it. The smell can either be sour or sweet. THS passes through the lungs to the blood stream very rapidly. The brain then absorbs THS and this will prevent some signals from the brain to fully function (DrugAbuse.gov 1 of 5) . Marijuana can mess with your brain in multiple different ways. Your perception can be distorted, impaired coordination, you’re learning ability can be disrupted and you can have a difficulty of thinking. Using marijuana can pose a problem in your everyday life. Example heavy marijuana smokers have less satisfaction in life, poor mental health, less academic success and can cause serious relationship issues (DrugAbuse.gov 1 of 5). Marijuana use by teenagers has a higher percent chance dropping out of high school. Marijuana use in general has a higher risk of car accidents, losing jobs and not being on time for work. Research has shown that marijuana use has had long negative effects on the brain. Heavy marijuana users at a young age tend to lose as much as
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