Arguments Against Legalizing Marijuana

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Final Draft Paul Lagpacan Kaplan College – Modesto Campus CM 220 – College Composition II Instructor Larry Low March 11, 2014 Marijuana is one of the three biggest drug problems here in the United States and it is currently a federal crime. Although many states have legalized Marijuana, many people believe that it should remain illegal. There are many significant reasons why Marijuana should be legal in this country. The most common issues and arguments about this plant are the addictions, public issues and health benefits. However, there are still many facts and problems that have yet to be proven. People need to be educated about Marijuana to create more awareness and have knowledge to help them make better choices in their lives.…show more content…
Many drug users are arrested for possession of Marijuana every day. It has been a problem that Marijuana is the most common drug that is used in the streets. Also numerous addicts are arrested for different drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine or many times, are under the influence of alcohol. Somehow, the issue on legalizing Marijuana is that anti Marijuana users think that if Marijuana is legalized, crime on the streets would be much higher. For instance, Pot heads (Marijuana users) get busted for minor crimes such as illegal possession of Marijuana. Since Marijuana is illegal in the state, they are arrested for illegal possession which counts as a crime. Throughout the news and media, there was no single crime reported that a Marijuana user came home to his wife and beat them while he is high of Marijuana. Many anti Marijuana user think that Marijuana gives you an angry outburst symptom. Also they think that it makes you violent. There have been no crimes reported that a Marijuana user were so high off Marijuana that they intended to commit an aggressive crime act such as domestic violence, robbery, or burglary. Although withdrawal from Marijuana does have side effects, such as irritability, sleep disturbance and anxiety. There are still no reports that the use Marijuana makes people aggressive towards other people. However, alcohol is a different story. Alcohol crime rate is always on the rise every year from driving under the influence of alcohol, domestic violence and murders. An issue on alcohol is people can drink until they vomit. Minorities in high school to adults in college suffer alcohol poisoning and commit crimes such as robberies, domestic violence, drunk driving, public intoxication, assault charges, and other crimes. According to former Seattle Washington Police Chief Norm Stamper PhD, “From beat cop to police chief, I saw ample evidence of the harm caused by
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