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How to Lose Your Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally Here are the 10 best ways to lose your belly fat quickly and naturally. Ways to Slim Down and Lose Back Fat Back fat may be a sign of how your lifestyle is unhealthy, in some cases. Many people have more back fat on them than they would like, but it can be hard to get rid of. One of the most important pieces of information to remember is that there is no spot solution for back fat. You won't be able to miraculously target your back fat area and only work on that when exercising. The best approach to slimming down and also losing the back fat is to perform exercises that burn fat in general. Build up Core Muscle Stop one in slimming down and losing back fat relates to your core muscles. If you build…show more content…
Reduce calories by filling yourself up with protein, vegetables, whole grains, and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones. For example, if you have a sugar craving, replace your calorie laden latte with a Muscle Milk lite, one of my favorites, because it has zero sugar and a ton of protein that will satiate while also torching my sugar craving! Another great trick is a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee or oatmeal- the spice has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar. It also slows the rate at which food exits the stomach, which helps you feel fuller longer. Vitamin C When you’re under extreme stress, you secrete more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps balance the cortisol spikes that happen to you under this stress. Besides being a good way to counteract a cold, Vitamin C is also essential for making carnitine, a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin your fat burning friend.If you’re going through an emotional crisis, stress from work, or a bad eating splurge, increase your vitamin C–it’ll help counteract the negative side effects. Try bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits. These have even more Vitamin C than the famous Orange! Eat

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