New Product of Frito Lay Canada for Baby Boomers

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New Product of Frito Lay Canada for Baby Boomers Product’s Name:Fruit+ Every successful product has same feature ---- name of product. Their products’ name is easy to remember and have special meaning. For our product, we named it as Fruit+. The meaning is put some fruits in one bag because we combine some fruit tastes in the package. People almost like to eat fruit because the flavors and nutrition. When people saw the name on the package of potato chips, they will attract people’s attention. Product Description Our new product’s target market is Baby Boomers Because Baby Boomers have tasted too much delicious food we must find special taste to attract them. Baby Boomers are getting to older, so our product more focuses on health when we are trying to find special taste. Therefore, the best product for Baby Boomers is not only focuses on taste, but also pay attention to nutrition. With our new product, we want to introduce it from three aspects. First of all, the thickness of our potato chips is thinner. Our chips’ shape almost like traditional potato chips’ shape. Our chips are thinner than traditional potato chips because we want to add strong taste on the chips. When Baby Boomers open the bag, the strong taste can recall their sense of taste. Second, our chips combine some fruit tastes, such as orange, grape, strawberry, blueberry, and so on. The major tastes are sour and sweet. In one package, people can taste different fruits. Different tastes based on different fruit’s types, and those can give people new delicious world. Finally, the important thing is that we add some nutrition on the chips, such as Citrus Bioflavonoids, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin C etc... (ACNielsen) I searched information which nutrition is Baby Boomers needs. Citrus Bioflavonoids can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Grapeseed Oil can protects heart and

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