Coke vs, Pepsi

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Strategic Issues Strategic issues are fundamental policy questions or critical challenges that affect, an organization's mandates, mission and values, product or service level and mix, clients, users, or cost, financing, organization or management. Pepsi and Coke both faced with several challenges from, could there be a boost in carbonated soft drink sales, to could the newly introduced products provide them with a steady increase in revenue for both companies. Staying In Line With Coke Everyone knows that Pepsi number competitor is Coke, and a lot of the things that Pepsi partake in were designed to compete with Coke. One of Pepsi’s main focuses is to “stay in line with Coke.” What I mean by this is that being on top of things when it comes to Pepsi’s advertising, new products and etc. Many of the brands that the two companies have are intended to be direct competition of each other. The chart below gives a better view: Pepsi | Coke | Pepsi | Coca-Cola | Diet Pepsi / Pepsi Light Pepsi ONE Pepsi Max | Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Light Coca-Cola Zero | Sierra Mist | Sprite | Mountain Dew Kas Izze | Mello Yello Vault Fresca | Tropicana Dole | Minute Maid Fruitopia Simply Orange | Gatorade Propel | Powerade Aquarius Vitamin Water | AMP | Full Throttle NOS, Monster | The chart gives an illustration of how when one company introduces a new sports drink, or a new tea line the other competitor does the same thing as well but with a different name for the product. The way that Pepsi making their stamp in the market is to continue coming out with brands those customers may like and that’s in line with Coke. Pepsi wants to stay ahead and also wants to continue to make and gain revenue from their product. Pepsi wants to expand their growth and to take advantage of potential opportunities, they will be able to do this my expanding their

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