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Company: O’Houlihan’s Tavern LLC 574 W Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010 Telephone: (215) – 273 -6464 Contact: Ryan Peloquin or Stephanie Velijacic Type of Business: O’Houlihan’s Tavern is a unique sports bar that offers food, drinks, and merchandise to patrons at reasonable prices. O’Houlihan’s Tavern also offers a shuttle service to and from local colleges in the area for a small fee. Company Summary: O’Houlihan’s Tavern’s ultimate goal is to provide patrons a unique, friendly, fun, and safe experience. We are located in a high traffic area full of both college students and young adults looking to have a good time at an affordable cost, while remaining safe. O’Houlihan’s Tavern provides these factors and then some. Our shuttle…show more content…
The two key competitors in the area are The Grog Grill and Kelly’s Taproom. The Grog Grill attracts an older crowd due to a more costly menu, and upscale décor, polarizing our younger target market due to its lack of affordability. Furthermore, the Grog Grill advertises itself as the perfect place to cater or host events, neither things our niche market is interested in. nor does the Grog Grill have much room for patrons to let loose and have a good time. Kelly’s Taproom is our most direct competition since it tends to attract both our niche market due to its prime location near colleges and universities and older guests. This “mixed bag” of guests creates a disparity and slight awkwardness between these two demographics; our niche 18-30 year old, young adult market is looking to have fun, where the older guests tend to just want a drink and possibility of a burger, not a raucous dance party. Thus, due to the lack of establishments directly targeting this 18-30 year old college student and young professional demographic, we know O’Houlihan’s Tavern will stand out and be successful in directly talking to our target…show more content…
The first issuance will be used to open six additionally locations in affluent college towns, underserved by establishments attractive to both students and young professionals. By creating two additional locations we will be able to test sales strategies, best marketing practices, and gauge our successes and also analyze our areas for improvement. Once these initial expansions are created, we will plan of using this second stipend to launch nationally into multiple franchises across the United States, not just the East coast, expanding both our business and profit margin.. Financial History: None Financial Projections: First Second Third Full Year Year Year f Revenues $ 20,635 46,971 103,570 Net Income $ 14,444 32,880 72,499 Assets $ 480,280 486,719 531,561 Liabilities $ 192,706 166,264

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