Dont Blame the Eater

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If you have ever eaten a burger from McDonald’s or Burger King, question: should you be warned about the dangers of what i am consuming and trusting in my body? Truth be told, there are a bunch of health risks that you’re taking from just eating that hunk of meat. It is this lack of personal responsibility in fast food connoisseurs that allow obesity and other problems associated with weight to grow. In his essay “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko says he sympathizes with a group of children who are suing the McDonald’s franchise for making them fat. Drawing from personal experience as a “1980’s latchkey kid,” David states some fault of the problem lay on the children consuming it and some fault on the parents allowing them. Zinczenko’s idea of both parents and children being at fault is important because it shows limited to no personal responsibility in consumers. Usually, bad eating habits start in childhood to kids of any weight class. Some things that allow us to eat so irresponsibility is our busy lifestyles. Because were always on the go; the quick and affordability of fast food fits perfect for the kinds of busy lives we are living. It seems we as people are so busy trying to keep up or stay ahead in life that we miss the opportunities to avoid fast food and get healthier products. During your lunch break you step outside and what do you see? Tons of places which serve healthy choices. However due to sales, deals, catchy slogans, and it’s simple convenience, we are forced into making the decision of getting fast food without realizing it thus displaying lack of personal responsibility. People who believe blame resides in companies often say the damage is near reversible, however this could not be more wrong. Fast food consumers must be more responsible when it comes to eating healthy. Simple things like looking at the calorie count on the Big Mac

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