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Rachel Hebert Case Analysis – Mountain Man Brewing Company: Bringing the Brand to Light MKT 466 1. Summary of Case and Decision Chris Prangel manages the marketing operations for his family-owned business that was founded in West Virginia in 1925. The Mountain Man Brewing Company has only brewed one beer since they were founded, Mountain Man Lager which is also known as “West Virginia’s beer.” The company has been extremely successful but due to a change in beer drinker’s preferences, for the first time ever they were experiencing a decline in sales. Chris is interested in launching Mountain Man Light, a ‘light’ beer to hopefully attract a younger demographic to the Mountain Man brand. His father, Oscar Prangel, the president and owner of the company wishes to focus on what the company does best and that is their Mountain Man Lager. Chris has done his research but he knows whatever decision he makes will impact the company, his family, and his own legacy. The introduction of Mountain Man Light would bring a new segment of customers to the Mountain Man Brewing Company, but can they afford it? It is important to keep in mind all the risks that come with launching a new product, and although the small company is extremely successful they would need to compete with larger light beer brands. Although they have a large following, their consumers enjoy the Mountain Man Lager for the manly beer it is. The Mountain Man Brewing Company needs to act intelligently and not make decisions based on impulse. Focusing on their only product and perfecting that would guarantee continued success with Mountain Man Brewing. 2. Statement of the Problem Mountain Man Brewing Company is experiencing declining sales because beer drinkers’ preferences have been changing over the years. Consumers are more health conscious now a days and Chris believes that introducing

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