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Greggs International Marketing by Kaushik Ghosh 1. Executive Summary Greggs has been operating successfully now for more than seventy years. Far from its sales being floundered it has managed to do exceedingly well in recession period opening more than 600 stores. It sells wholesome baked goods such as sausage rolls, bacon butties and sandwiches that make up a third of its sale. Greggs perceived competitions are fast food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks, which have been extremely successful in countries abroad. Owing to its unique product offering Greg aims to open multiple stores in Germany berlin as the first stage of expanding in international market abroad so it can diversify its risk, make more profit and broaden its reach. This reports aims to assess the international marketing strategies that will be used by the company and the factors that impact its internationalization decision of foraying into the German European market/, 2. Introduction The inception of Greggs occurred in 1930s delivering eggs and yeast on a bike to families in Newcastle upon Tyne. John Gregg opened a small bakery on Gosforth High Street in 1951. With a single shop and bakery at the rear, Greggs began to bake superb quality bread, using flour milled from specially selected wheat for that distinctive Greggs taste and texture. The expansion of the company was well underway by 1984, when it had more than 260 shops in four main areas of the country. From there onwards, Greggs was on the Stock Exchange and continued to expand, opening shops in the Midlands, Wales and North London. Today, Greggs has nearly 1,600 shops and aim to open 600 new shops over the next few years. The company achieved revenues of £734.5 million in 2012. Its operating profit also witnessed an increase to £51.8 million in 2012. Starting in 2003, in an attempt to test the foreign market, Greggs opened a total

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