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Marketing for Kudler Fine Foods Introduction Kudler Fine Foods started as one-stop shop for gourmet ingredients and was quite successful and was followed by opening of two other stores. Now it is planning to branch out to other ventures like catering. This paper discusses in detail the marketing side of catering business, its targeted customers and marketing plan for implementation and how it fits with the overall mission and objective of Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler has been doing some marketing and advertising but it does not have marketing department. Kathy writes the advertisement material for printing. Marketing metrics is conducted through customer surveys to gauge the success of marketing mix. Market research Market research is vital…show more content…
Other aspects of product are economic- customer value, functional- service at the point of sales, before sales and after the sales and the psychological aspect of the product like image of the product. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet ingredients shop and offers in-store parties and now going in to catering business. It is managed by Kathy Kudler. So customers know that it is going to be gourmet food experience because she notices some of the people at the catering places are regular customers at her stores. KFF should research the market to find the needs of the customers. Big companies could be the perfect place to start the research like what kind of orders they place and when they order. Other sort of information could be found in the census reports like type and age of population, income, religion, education, occupation will help decide the needs of other consumers. This will help narrow down requirements for catering business. If the population is young then may be more wedding parties, bachelor parties, Halloween parties or if the population is older then more of formal parties in the gardens and vineyards. KFF currently serves to upscale, gay and lesbians, high income individuals in the retailing business. So the customers already have an image of Kudler Fine Foods in mind. So it can leverage on this image and differentiate itself from…show more content…
In the chapter Implementing Interactive and Multichannel Marketing, Online consumer retail sales by product/service category: 2003-07 survey (Kerin et al., 2006, ch21) in the year 2007 9% of online sales were for food and beverage which grew from 4% in 2003. There are several reasons why people shop online: “convenience, choice, customization, communication, cost, and control” (Kerin et al., ch21). The Customer segment for KFF’s catering business is familiar with the internet and spends a lot of time online looking for information. So it is a good idea for KFF to have a website and post ads on popular websites like Google. KFF wants to save some cash so posting weekly advertisement on Craigslist is also not a bad idea. The live chat on the website can deliver more intimate experience of shopping to the

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